Toque 2011

Western Front Annual Fundraising Craft Sale
@ The Western Front
303 East 8th Avenue Vancouver
December 9, 2011: 6pm-10pm
December 10, 2011: 11am-4pm

Thank you!

THANK YOU for visiting Toque last week - we had a blast! Special thanks to our vendors, volunteers, and sponsors. Check out photos on facebook.

Toque is in the Straight

Of all the artisan fairs happening this Christmas, the Western Front’s annual Toque sale just might be the most artful.

Read the full version here!

More from Fieldwork

Check out photos from Fieldwork’s show at Walrus for a preview of what we might see at Toque.

Fieldwork at Walrus

Fieldwork opens at Walrus tonight, November 10th from 6-9pm.  Details

Banquet on Martha Stewart

Q&A with Banquet Atelier and Workshop, here.

Whoa! Nellie Raffle

Some exciting news, Christopher Quine of Whoa! Nellie Bikes on Main Street will be donating a Linus Dutchi bike to be raffled off at Toque!

Christopher and Myron Campbell will collaboratively draw on the bike at the next Draw By Night #19 on November 2nd.  Check out the details here.

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